Lose more weight with lipoRIDEX® than dieting or exercise alone.

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How it Works

The Safest, Most Effective MD Formulated Fitness Formulas

Liporidex® Fitness Formulas are a family of all natural energy enhancers, fat burners and appetite suppressants featuring clinically researched key ingredients; each designed for a specific use – scientifically researched and formulated by the specialists at Nuretix Research.


Liporidex® formulas focus on safely delivering the most effective combination of high quality, all natural ingredients that help promote weight management and a healthy and active lifestyle. Liporidex offers several options for users including, stimulant free, reduced caffeine, pure energy or maximum strength formulas. Our formulas can be targeted for use at different times throughout the day, as well as to the individual user’s needs and desire. 


Furthermore, each individual formula exerts its primary actions via unique and distinct mechanisms, which allows for a strong and pronounced synergy when they  are used in combination.  


Each Liporidex formula acts via different mechanisms to help promote healthy weight management and fat reduction. 

4 ways it works to promote optimal health and fitness

 Promotes Natural Fat Burning
 Appetite Suppression
 Help Optimize Calories
 Increased Metabolism

Liporidex users have the flexibility to choose the supplement that is best suited for them based on their body and needs, or combine multiple formulas for even greater turbo-charged results. 

But the benefits don’t end there. You can also:

 Boost your energy level                         Improve Endurance


 Rejuvenate with antioxidants            Improve your overall health.


lipoRIDEX® features scientifically researched and clinically proven key ingredients that have help lead to significant weight loss. Learn more about these ground-breaking all-natural ingredients and how they function to reduce fat content.

A formula can only be as good as the quality and efficacy its ingredients. And before any product can truly be called revolutionary, it must offer ingredients that are not only unique, but powerful, safe and most-importantly – clinically tested and shown to be effective. Liporidex® is a revolutionary weight loss supplement. Our scientific research and technology have produced a formula that combines only the best ingredients for weight loss and weight maintenance with a perfect blend of health promoting nutrients, all-natural anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Once inside your body, these all-natural compounds go to work; helping you increase metabolism, decrease appetite and ultimately reduce your weight and fat content.

Liporidex® is the result of a scientific approach to researching the most effective, safe, clinically researched all-natural ingredients. The resultant formula was then rigorously tested by our experts that upheld the results of scientific research.

For example, Liporidex® formulas contain Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones, African Mango and more. These powerful weight loss ingredients have been extensively studied and been linked to increased lean body mass by helping reducing fat content. This makes significant, lasting weight loss possible that ultimately helps you go the distance and keep the extra pounds off.



Liporidex® thermogenic fat burners and weight loss supplements are best used in combination to ensure your metabolism is optimized and your appetite controlled at all hours of the day. You might choose our MAX formula to maximize fat burning, reduce appetite and boost your energy. With Liporidex® PLUSTM , you can enjoy appetite suppression without any extra caffeine in the afternoon and to help promote healthy bone, skin, hair and nails.

At night, Liporidex® PMTM is the right choice to allow you to reduce night-time craving and stay away from late night snacks of empty calories.

Liporidex® features only the safest clinically researched ingredients. The result is a formula that truly is the best weight loss supplement to help you lose weight, reduce fat content and maintain weight loss.


Choose your formula now and learn for yourself how Liporidex® can Turbo Charge Your Results from Diet and Exercise!






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